The ACAN paper was published last week!  At last it is published and made clear, “D3-original” was wrong, “D5” was published first by Julia Metzger but is the “real D3”, which is now being called “D3*” (see SOURCES)

July 2018 - the  Full Panel (ACAN+Skeletalatavism testing) is available at CAG/Germany.

March 2017 - The ACAN-Test is now available at Certagen/Germany. The Skeletal Atavism test is available at UC Davies/USA and Animal Diagnostics/Lambridge, GB.

September 2016: The research on skeletal atavism is officially published by Capilet Genetics, Sweden.

July 2016: I have changed the menu. You can now find ACAN and Del genetics/inheritance on the right menue of each type of dwarfism (look above the flags).

Summer 2016: The Hydochephalus test is offered by UC Davies/USA.

February 2016: The Skeletal Atavism test is offered by University of Uppsala, Sweden.

2016: Capilet Genetics, Sweden, has discovered an Skeletal Atavsim test. They also made the Gait test possible.

2014: The Frisian Dwarfism Typ Osteochondrodysplasia can be tested with the KFPS at University of Utrecht, NL.

October 2013: The University of Kentucky, USA, offers the Chondrodysplasia Dwarfism test (ACAN).

October 2013: Mr. John Eberth publishes his dissertation about Chondrodysplasia Dwarfism in Miniature Horses.


Mrs. Marleen Binder

RIP: Daisy, skeletal atavism dwarf, 2006
RIP: Daisy, skeletal atavism dwarf, 2006