VIP´s - famous dwarves


Smallest living horse - female

Was registered in Guinness World Records in 2006.


Born in 2001

High as adult: 17,5 inch

Breed: American Miniature Horse


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Smallest living horse - Male


High as adult: 63,5 cm


Was registered 2012 in Guiness World Records.


Registered as "smallest healthy horse in the world" at World Records Academy.


Born in 2010

Heigh with 5 month age: 20 inches

Weight with 5 month: 25 kg


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Being accepted by Guinness World Records as a horse/pony you need to be measured at age with 4 years.

Roozer Brews "Roo"

Roo is a facebook star. His owner writes open and beloving reports about him and his way to go for a better life.


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Ciuciu is the polish superstar! His owner educated him in circic lessons. You can see many movies on him at our movie-register.


You can find him on Blanka´s Miniature horses


Koda is the smallest horse in Australia, born in 2008.


You can read an article about him by clicking on this text.

Wolfscastle Acer

You know Acer as the small pony in the Amazon Prime advert on TV. You can also see the movies on our movies-register.


If you want to read more about his story follow the link.


Mrs. Marleen Binder

RIP: Daisy, skeletal atavism dwarf, 2006
RIP: Daisy, skeletal atavism dwarf, 2006