Use genetic testing to avoid breeding dwarves

CAG Tübingen, Germany

Full Panel testing available

University of Kentucky

Genetic testing on ACAN dwarfism mutations

Four mutations on the ACAN gene in miniature horses have been found by John Eberth, University Kentucky and can be tested there.


How to test: You can send hair samples.


Costs: Full test $ 150, any test individually $ 40


Process time: 3-4 weeks


Follow this link to University of Kentucky, USA to read more.

Ordering form_English
Dwarfism Mutation submission form Mar201
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Additional Labs running the ACAN-test

This test is now available at Certagen Lab, Germany. If interested please follow this link.

University of Animal Genetics, Uppsala, Sweden

Genetic testing on Skeletal Atavism Dwarfism

Capilet Genetics developed the Skeletal Atavism Test TM. They also developed the Synchrogait test.


Testing is offered by Animal Genetics Lab, Uppsala, Sweden. Sweden is not member of the European Monetory Union so the price is in Swedish Krone (SEK).


Testing a genetic disease means that the testing result is a official document proving it. In this fact the Lab insists on verified samples.



Model 1: means sample is proved by a certified identifier. The identifier scans the chip of the horse and than pulls the hairs. The identifier signs the ordering form to guarantee the sample matches the printed horse. If already a parentage test/DNA-typing was done you can also send the test number and Lab.

Costs 1200 SEK.

Model 2: the horse owner takes the sample and no DNA-typing was done. In this case DNA-Typing will be done to prove the test result on that DNA-type.

Costs 1500 SEK

Process time: once a month

The hair samples and ordering for have to be send to:

Animal Genetics Laboratory, SLU
Box 7023
SE-750 07 Uppsala

Ordering form_Swedish
Please fill out the form
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Additional Labs running the Skeletal atavism test

The skeletal atavism test is also available in Great Britain (Animal Diagnostics Cambridge) an in the USA (UC Davies). If interested please follow the links.

KFPS - Royal Friesian Studbook, Netherlands

Genetic testing on Friesian Dwarfism (OCD)

This mutation is possible to test, it is a marker test. As a member at KFPS you can make this test. Please contact the KFPS. The Studbook offers a combined test with Redfactor, Dwarfism and hydrocephalus at low price about € 50,00.


Process time: 4-5 weeks.


Follow the link to KFPS and read more information about it.


Animal Genetics, USA

Hydrocephalus testing possible!


$ 45 per sample

CAG Tübingen, Germany

How to pull mane hairs
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How to pull tail hairs
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Mrs. Marleen Binder

RIP: Daisy, skeletal atavism dwarf, 2006
RIP: Daisy, skeletal atavism dwarf, 2006