Breeding advice

Maybe you are breeding Miniatures for several decades. You never had a dwarf foal. You go outside and you see your lovely selfbred Miniatures as you dreamed to own once.


And then it happens... one of your favorite highly awarded mares gets a dwarf foal sired by your best and many times awarded stallion. You can´t believe in your eyes.


But its true.


This can happen to you.


If this will happen to you - don´t give up! Don´t geld your highly awarded stallion, don´t give your highly awarded mare to privates.


Test them - and do it better - don´t close your eyes - face it!


As you can see in the breeding tables on each side of the dwarfism types you can get healthy foals.


Optimize the chance getting healthy foals by

  • not breeding dwarves,
  • avoid carrier-crosses,
  • try to cross carrier with non-carrier/healthy partners,
  • best case and goal: breeding with healthy Miniatures!


Maximize your chance to get healthy foals. Test them again and breed the healthy ones again.


This is your way to heal your breeding stock!


Good luck


Mrs. Marleen Binder

RIP: Daisy, skeletal atavism dwarf, 2006
RIP: Daisy, skeletal atavism dwarf, 2006